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Since January 2015, Peter van Wijngaarden has been the Managing Director of Van Wijngaarden Marine Services. Van Wijngaarden Marine Services is an independent family business, which was founded in 1974 by Peter’s uncle Wim van Wijngaarden as a one-man business. The company started by renting out hydraulic engineering equipment. Initially only to clients in the Netherlands, but the service rapidly expanded to clients throughout the world. In a little more than 40 years, the company has grown to become the independent marine service provider it is today.
Peter continues to drive the business on under the motto ‘The Right Partner’. The company’s core values are: reliability – short lines – do what you agree to do.

Professional marine crane overhaul
“Van Wijngaarden and Heila have been doing business together for about 10 years”, says Peter van Wijngaarden, he continues: “They supply new cranes and arrange the service activities. Our heaviest crane is a 280-tonne Heila crane installed on a multi-purpose vessel. The heavier Heila cranes are equipped with winches.
Service and customer orientation are some of Heila’s strong points. They think from the customer’s perspective ensuring that our company’s continuity is not jeopardised. In particular when overhauling cranes, we have seen that Heila provides a good service as a matter of course. For instance, they always install a temporary replacement crane if one of our cranes needs to be overhauled. They understand very well that if a vessel cannot work it costs us money”.

Quality and a long-term strategy are essential
“In spite of the growing economy, the shipping sector remains difficult. Of course, we closely monitor the developments in our sector. For instance, in recent years, we have focused on the wind and offshore market. We arrange the bunkering and provide, for instance, mooring assistance.
There is currently a surplus of workboats on the market. However, by providing quality for an honest price and by doing what we agree to do we can continue to distinguish ourselves from the competition. Our mentality to work safely and supply quality anywhere in the world ensures that we are successful”, concludes Peter van Wijngaarden.

About van Wijngaarden Marine Services
The company has a fleet of 14 utility vessels for deep-sea, coastal and inland waters. These vessels include tugs and workboats, tow/push launches, plough boats, survey boats, crew tenders and multi-purpose crane pontoons.
Van Wijngaarden Marine Services’ vessels and crews are employed worldwide, in particular for transport, maritime services, hydraulic engineering infrastructure and offshore energy projects.
Van Wijngaarden Marine Services pursues a long-term strategy. The focus is on maintaining good contacts with customers, continuous investment in people and vessels (new construction) and continuing optimisation of the business operations. Safety and quality are paramount aspects of all the company’s activities and work processes.

Would you like to have more information about Van Wijngaarden Marine Services? Visit http://www.wijngaarden.com.

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“We opt for quality cranes and value a good partnership with our suppliers. Our cooperation with Heila proves this’.

Jos van Woerkum

Managing Director Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld-Giessendam

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Professional skills and business acumen, that is how Piet Kant sums up the cooperation with Heila.

Piet Kant

Plant Engineer at Baggermaatschappij Boskalis B.V

Fully Foldable, installation & commissioning

“We are satisfied with the performance of the cranes and with Heila itself. Our companies have a good mutual understanding which makes working together not only pleasant but also efficient.”

Shipping Company Groen

Spokesman Shipping Company Groen