Fully Foldable Telescopic Crane

Capacities from 3 tm to over 120 tm


Fully foldable telescopic cranes

Heila fully foldable telescopic cranes are compact and light, making them perfect for small vessels, especially where space is limited. Cranes of this type—our “workhorses of the sea”—are commonly used on auxiliary vessels such as multifunctional workboats, tugs and pontoons. They are highly suitable for cargo handling, onboard service activities, RIB handling and hose handling. manoeuvrability.

Two types

Two models are available, the HLM and HLRM model. Our HLM crane is a fully foldable telescopic cranes with rack and pinion slewing system. The HLM crane operates with the boom extended upwards or folded downwards, and the rotation exceeds 360° for maximum The Heila HLRM crane is equipped with slew bearing system and suitable for contiuous rotation.