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High level of service at Heila Cranes

Henk van Wingerden is Chief Technical Service at Stemat. His cooperation with Heila Cranes Nederland (Heila) can easily be explained: both companies have a no-nonsense culture and direct contacts.

Heila’s high-quality service engineers
Henk van Wingerden has been employed by Stemat for a very long time. He started as a mechanic and consequently has worked his way up in his capacity as engineer, bargeman and now chief engineer, which makes him responsible for all repairs of ships and their new developments as well as the subsequent purchasing of components.
Henk has launched the technical service department. With the building of the Claudia B, his first maintenance ship, he has put Heila equipment on the map. “Heila’s service engineers provided me with the confidence needed to build ships. They are outstanding experts with a real feeling for service “, says Henk.

“Most maintenance ships are equipped with knuckle cranes carrying accessories like winches and remote controls. In all we have some 20 complete and operational Heila cranes”, Henk continues.
He doesn’t have a maintenance contract with Heila. The planning of repairs or an overhauling is just a phone call away, although Henk sees that Heila is growing. “While it was not necessary before to plan repairs and the like well in time I now realize that this is indeed necessary. It goes without saying that growth and success coincide with proper planning. More customers lead to an even stricter planning. Apart from that this does not influence their level of service. Quality and service are and will remain their forte”, says Henk.

Shift in activities
The last few years he has seen a shift in Stemat’s activities, partly caused by the demand for alternative energy.
“In this day and age you have to broaden your horizon, which means approaching other customers. Our market and areas of work are global now”, Henk continues.
“Windmill parks at sea are a growing market for us. We are among other things specialized in putting together and renting out equipment meant for laying cables for wind parks . Heila’s cranes are particularly suitable for these activities, especially with rough seas.”

Getting all credit of your job, that is what Henk is striving after. Heila Cranes Nederland couldn’t agree more!

About Stemat
Stemat offers service to the maritime sector and is established in Rotterdam. In 1986 the company started with just a few ships and now owns a 50- vessel fleet.
It excels at finding the right solutions to every project, both in and out of the water. Its large fleet consists of multi-functional maintenance ships, cranes, pontoons and various types of tugs.
Stemat is specialized in transporting special cargoes ranging from ship’s accessories, bridges and Ro-Ro platforms to complete ships and maritime constructions.
In addition they regularly assist with the shifting of anchors, the laying and coupling of cables, pipe lines and the installing of pontoons.
Stemat’s customers can be found in Europe, but also in the Middle East, Mexico and Africa.

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Knuckle Boom

“Rijkswaterstaat has placed special demands on the cranes, including the hoisting speed,” according to Tjeerd Wiebe Bijlsma, the owner of Bijlsma Wartena

Tjeerd Wiebe Bijlsma

Owner Bijlsma Wartena

Knuckle Boom

“We opt for quality cranes and value a good partnership with our suppliers. Our cooperation with Heila proves this’.

Jos van Woerkum

Managing Director Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld-Giessendam

Knuckle Boom

“These cranes are more robust than any other brand”

Piet Hoefnagel

Owner TB Waterwerk