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That’s according to Tom de Haan, Project Manager at Seaway Heavy Lifting.

Seaway Heavy Lifting (SHL) is a leading international offshore contractor in the oil &  gas  and the renewables industry, including wind farms. The company operates globally, focusing on the North Sea, the Mediterranean, the Americas, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Crane vessels Stanislav Yudin and Oleg Strashnov, which have a lift capacity of 2,500mt and 5,000mt respectively, are equipped to transport and lift heavy loads. The Oleg Strashnov also has a DP 3 system.

“We came across Heila Cranes Nederland quite by accident,” says Tom, beginning his story. “Our load had been doubled and we needed more lift capacity on our crane vessels promptly. During a meeting with one of our contractors, Heila was mentioned as a supplier of cranes to one of his customers. After consulting the internet, I found Heila Cranes in Waalwijk and then reached John (John van der Linden, Sales Manager at Heila NL). My first question was whether he could supply cranes at very short notice. The advantage for us of using Heila is that the company has cranes in stock. Two cranes from this stock met our requirements. Although the cranes had a greater capacity than needed, the cranes were fit for purpose.”

Textbook example of a project completed quickly and without a hitch
“Despite the tight timeframe, which was considered a challenge rather than a problem to Heila, the cranes and the power packs were delivered on time thanks to the effective and good cooperation between our companies. The power packs, which were delivered by SHL, needed to be upgraded by Heila. The pedestals supplied with them had to fit on a rail on board our vessels so that they could be moved easily. Our technical department therefore had to consult with Heila on a regular basis during the project. We appreciated Heila’s short lines of communication and the fact that its staff was really customer-focused.”

Cranes operating satisfactorily
The cranes have now been installed and tested on the Oleg Strashnov. We completed a DNV load test to the overall  satisfaction and we have received a training from Heila on how to operate the cranes. It is a textbook example of a project which has been completed without a hitch. The components, the documentationand also the training were delivered in accordance with the agreed timetable. I expect we will also be signing a service contract with Heila.

Within both companies, there was flexibility, improvisation and a desire to bring this project to a successful conclusion. The cranes are now operating to our complete satisfaction. It is our intention to equip the Stanislav Yudin and Oleg Strashnov with a crane each, but currently both cranes are on the Oleg Strashnov.”

More information on Seaway Heavy Lifting? Please visit www.seawayheavylifting.com

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Knuckle Boom

What strikes me most about Heila is its customer focus

Tom de Haan

Project Manager at Seaway Heavy Lifting

Knuckle Boom

“Rijkswaterstaat has placed special demands on the cranes, including the hoisting speed,” according to Tjeerd Wiebe Bijlsma, the owner of Bijlsma Wartena

Tjeerd Wiebe Bijlsma

Owner Bijlsma Wartena

Knuckle Boom

“Heila’s service engineers provided me with the confidence needed to build ships. They are outstanding experts with a real feeling for service “

Henk van Wingerden

Chief Technical Service at Stemat