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Bijlsma Wartena

Custom-built cranes for Rijkswaterstaat

Heila Cranes will deliver three custom-built HR 0180/14-2BJ cranes to Bijlsma Wartena for three multifunctional workboats that it will build for Rijkswaterstaat. The 40-metre long vessels will be used by Rijkswaterstaat for channel marking, patrols and fisheries research in large inland waters, the Wadden Sea and the North Sea (up to 30 nautical miles from the Dutch coast).

”These cranes were specially designed for this project after thorough discussions with Bijlsma Wartena and Rijkswaterstaat,” said John van der Linden, Senior Sales Manager Heila Cranes in Waalwijk. “We are using state-of-the-art technology for the design and construction of these cranes. Thanks to our field experience and the feedback from our customers, we create cranes that are completely tailored to the customers’ requirements.” 
Rijkswaterstaat will use the HR 0180/14-2BJ cranes for, among other things, installing channel marking. With a maximum reach of 14 metres and a hoisting capacity of 6,000 kg, these cranes are uniquely suitable for the planned activities.

Good match

Bijlsma Wartena is building the three sustainable workboats for Rijkswaterstaat. “Rijkswaterstaat has placed special demands on the cranes, including the hoisting speed,” according to Tjeerd Wiebe Bijlsma, the owner of Bijlsma Wartena. “After investigating the marine crane market, we approached Heila Cranes. Heila is, like us, a company that focuses on quality, a high level of finish and 100% customer satisfaction. They can deliver custom-built cranes that meet Rijkswaterstaat’s specifications. For the construction of these multifunctional workboats, Bijlsma Wartena and Heila Cranes have proved to be a good match. We are both team players.”

The result: custom-built knuckle boom cranes
After discussions with the customer, Heila Cranes will supply custom-built knuckle boom cranes. At a reach of 10 metres the hoisting capacity is 13,000 kg and at 14 metres 6,000 kg. John van der Linden: “Two special winch systems provide the high hoisting speed specified by Rijkswaterstaat. A custom-built Constant Tension Winch installation on the cranes ensures Rijkswaterstaat of accurate control when performing a range of activities on the water.”

According to the plan, the first of the three cranes will be delivered and installed at the start of 2018.

Sustainable workboats
In the tender, Rijkswaterstaat specified that the vessels should be sustainable. Each workboat will be fitted with batteries for executing the activities. Solar panels provide the electricity for the electric drives and the crew accommodation. In addition, Bijlsma Wartena shows that it is possible to save energy with its specially designed hull. This hull lowers the resistance of the vessel and that equates to considerably lower power consumption.
With the construction of these vessels, Rijkswaterstaat is taking a clear step towards making its fleet sustainable.

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