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Our Products

Heila’s engineering team designs complex, functional cranes. We can proudly say that we supply over the years reliable deck cranes and that we are among the top 5 of fully foldable telescopic crane suppliers. We are well-versed in large crane manufacturing—we were the first to produce high-capacity cranes such as the HLRM 580 and HLRM 1000.

Heila cranes are suitable for sub-sea, active and passive heave compensation applications. Our team also designs cranes for “ad hoc” working situations, including high waves, steep angles, and areas with high seismic activity, arctic conditions, and ATEX environments.

Safety and reliability are the leading principles in the construction of Heila marine and offshore cranes. We work with a consolidated network of qualified suppliers in hydraulic and automation branches. Depending on the sector and the intended use of the crane, we can—on request—arrange certification by all major certification bodies. You can rest assured that all our lifting products meet the current marine and offshore rules and regulations.

Product range
Heila boasts an enormous product range. The choice of crane type is dictated by the space available on a tug or workboat, platform or pontoon, and the required functionality. 

In-house engineering
Heila has the in-house capability to engineer customised crane safety and control systems (Heilatronic). We support and maintain the crane’s safety and control system throughout the crane’s life cycle, using the Heilatronic system and our proprietary PLC software.

General Heila cranes characteristics

  • A4 stainless steel fastening materials
  • Geomet structural fastening materials (hot-dip galvanised)
  • C5-M paint system
  • 316 stainless steel hydraulic piping
  • Steel hydraulic couplings protected by vulcanised tape
  • Marine-grade IP rating
  • Winterisation down to -40 °C (standard -20 °C)
  • Tropicalisation up to +45 °C @ 100% humidity