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Acta Marine

An effective overhaul of an HLRM 170-3SL

“We have Heila cranes installed on a number of our ships, more than ten in total, varying in size from small to large. The shipyard usually decides which crane will be used, and now and then we purchase our cranes directly from Heila Nederland in Waalwijk.
We have been doing business with Heila Nederland for years and we are very positive about their service; they are experts in servicing cranes.
For example, preparations were made for a second crane during construction of the ‘Coastal Chariot’. When an operational project presented itself, we installed Acta Marine’s spare crane (HLRM 170 3SL), which had been fully overhauled by Heila Nederland.

The crane was installed and tested in collaboration with Heila Nederland. It has now been on board for nearly two years and is still as good as new.”

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Fixed Boom

two fixed boom cranes with winches

Gerrit Veldhuysen

Superintendent at Van der Kamp

Telescopic Boom

‘Because the crane is used in a petrochemical environment, Heila replaced all components capable of carrying even a static charge, making the crane 100% ATEX-compliant’

Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager WLT

Knuckle Boom

“Heila’s service engineers provided me with the confidence needed to build ships. They are outstanding experts with a real feeling for service “

Henk van Wingerden

Chief Technical Service at Stemat