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GloMar Shipmanagement

GloMar Shipmanagement B.V. in Den Helder is a relatively young player in the shipping sector. The company started up around 2007 working on projects for the offshore industry, such as stand-by activities in the fields of offshore project safety, seismic surveys and surveillance of offshore locations. Also GloMar has added support for wind energy projects. This was a conscious decision according to Ronald Starink, since 2009 Technical Superintendent with GloMar.

‘Wind turbine farms are a new challenge for us. GloMar started up in 2007 and has now grown into a company with a fleet of fifteen vessels. These are Safety Standby Vessels, Seismic Support Vessels, Survey Vessels and Chase & Guard Vessels – all owned by GloMar. We offer a full range of services for the offshore market. We do business with major oil companies such as Shell, Total E&P, GDF Suez and Chevron – the big names in the oil and gas industry.

Last year we started to look for a supplier of marine cranes. We decided on the knuckle boom crane from Heila because the quality:price ratio was favourable. The cranes are mainly used for service work and support for offshore wind turbine farms. We use these cranes to drop off supplies at locations. Our vessels are also equipped with small cranes to lift our own provisions on board.

The getting to know phase ran smoothly with Heila Cranes Netherlands and we received clear explanations and good advice. Their specialists know exactly what they are talking about. The quality of the cranes is of course important, but fast and adequate response as occurs with Heila Netherlands is equally important. We have now purchased three cranes, complete with power packs, from Heila. It is good to know that they can carry out overhauls and maintenance anywhere in the world.

In short, our first acquaintance has been positive. Heila is an all-round company with no nonsense employees. We are satisfied with the cranes and for our next new build we will certainly consult Heila Cranes Nederland’.

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Knuckle Boom

“We have limited space on our tug and this telescopic knuckle boom crane is ideally suited”

Thijs Viegers

Owner of Viegers Tugs

Knuckle Boom

“Short communication lines, rapid response times, and both companies take a solution-oriented and proactive approach.

Wim van Oord

Head of the Technical Department at De Klerk

Knuckle Boom

“These cranes are more robust than any other brand”

Piet Hoefnagel

Owner TB Waterwerk