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WLT liquid & gas loading technology

Heila Cranes overhauled fully a Heila HMR crane for and in cooperation with WLT liquid & gas loading technology (WLT).

The HMR 100/30.5-2S crane was manufactured in 2009 and has been in service for years. Time for an overhaul. The crane was removed from the platform at WLT’s customer and transported to Heila’s workshop in Waalwijk, where it was fully disassembled. All components were cleaned, repaired and—where necessary—replaced. Because the crane is used in a petrochemical environment, Heila replaced all components capable of carrying even a static charge, making the crane 100% ATEX-compliant.

After applying the finishing touches, the crane was transported and reinstalled at WLT’s customer’s location. Heila performed functionality testing under the oversight of inspection agency Aboma Keboma. The tests were satisfactory, and the crane is as good as new and ready for years of service again.

The HMR 100 is mainly used to hoist the gangway on board and for other lifting services. The customer put the crane back into operation over a week ago.

WLT supplies loading and fall protection equipment. The company is specialised in equipment for loading and offloading liquids and gases on ships, tankers, rail cars and other types of storage, onshore and in petrochemical environments. WLT customers use the Heila cranes (eleven of them) for a variety of lifting operations. The cranes are certified and ATEX-compliant to meet the stringent requirements in the petrochemical industry.

More information about WLT? Visit https://wlt.nl

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Knuckle Boom

“Quality, reliability and service are Heila’s unique selling points.”

Martin de Kok

Owner and Managing Director

Knuckle Boom

What strikes me most about Heila is its customer focus

Tom de Haan

Project Manager at Seaway Heavy Lifting

Fixed Boom

Professional skills and business acumen, that is how Piet Kant sums up the cooperation with Heila.

Piet Kant

Plant Engineer at Baggermaatschappij Boskalis B.V