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Van Aalst Bulk Handling

Service and communication are key factors

Service and communication levels are key factors that influence the decision to work with Heila Cranes.
Arno van Aalst, managing director of Van Aalst, is convinced of this. ‘Early in the 1990s our company contacted Heila. We immediately clicked during our first meeting with Heila’s owners at that time. Our approach to business and working methods were very much in line with Heila’s culture.’

In 1956, Van Aalst began as a transshipment company (ship unloading equipment) and over the years developed into the company it is today. Van Aalst Bulk Handling started trading at the end of the 1990s. The company specialises in bulk handling systems for loading and unloading dusty, abrasive powders, such as cement, fly ash, alumina, and the transshipment and storage of these. The capacity of these pneumatic ship unloaders varies from 50 to 1000 tonnes per hour. The systems are supplied for use on quaysides, floating pontoons and ships (floating terminals). Most customers are located outside the Netherlands.

‘Heila Cranes Nederland has supplied cement manipulators for many years. Ultimately, the final customer decides which supplier will be used, but the decision frequently favours Heila. This often results in Heila supplying the manipulators. Not only is the product good, the price/quality ratio is also favourable. In my view, a key factor in the successful collaboration between us is Heila’s service and communication,’ states Arno. ‘I have two regular contacts at Heila, who both fully understand my needs. Heila stocks an ever-increasing range of components, making fast delivery the norm. We (or our customers) carry out as many repairs as possible ourselves and we can always request feedback from Heila if there are problems. So, after more than a few decades the “click” is still there.’

For more information on Van Aalst Bulk Handling, please visit their website. www.vanaalstbulkhandling.com.


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Knuckle Boom

“We opt for quality cranes and value a good partnership with our suppliers. Our cooperation with Heila proves this’.

Jos van Woerkum

Managing Director Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld-Giessendam

Knuckle Boom

“Rijkswaterstaat has placed special demands on the cranes, including the hoisting speed,” according to Tjeerd Wiebe Bijlsma, the owner of Bijlsma Wartena

Tjeerd Wiebe Bijlsma

Owner Bijlsma Wartena

Knuckle Boom, overhaul

We have been doing business with Heila Nederland for years and we are very positive about their service; they are experts in servicing cranes…”

Stefan Abels

Technical Superintendent at Acta Marine