The art of lifting

Forty years of experience creating special application cranes has given us the necessary know how to create specific products also for terrestrial applications such as truck cranes for pre-manufactured building concrete panels, cranes for military applications, railway use and fully innovative products designed in close cooperation with the clients for specific projects.
Heila cranes are designed and produced in accordance to the sector rules and the client cooperation with the aim of satisfy specific and detailed demands.

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Companies using our solutions

Knuckle Boom

“These cranes are more robust than any other brand”

Piet Hoefnagel

Owner TB Waterwerk

Fixed Boom

Professional skills and business acumen, that is how Piet Kant sums up the cooperation with Heila.

Piet Kant

Plant Engineer at Baggermaatschappij Boskalis B.V

Knuckle Boom

“Heila’s service engineers provided me with the confidence needed to build ships. They are outstanding experts with a real feeling for service “

Henk van Wingerden

Chief Technical Service at Stemat