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We Always Go The Extra Mile

K&C Diving is all about going the extra mile, focusing on teamwork and finding and implementing solutions within the agreed timeframe. That is where Heila Cranes and K&C Diving are alike —Heila also goes the extra mile for its customers.

K&C Diving is specialised in civil subsea engineering and port and waterway infrastructure projects. The work is diverse, ranging from coating, sealing and repairs to inspections and consultancy. Their portfolio also includes rock and concrete demolition work, and marine salvage and oil spill management.

K&C Diving was looking for a marine crane supplier for a multipurpose workboat. Karl Bruyndonckx, Managing Director: “The Grani Shipyard in Ukraine is currently rebuilding an existing workboat for us and that ship requires a crane. The crane’s delivery and installation are a matter of great urgency, as we want to put the workboat into service in April. We needed a supplier who could deliver cranes at very short notice. We chose Heila Cranes because they have cranes available from stock, which is a huge plus. We opted for an HLRM 65-3S with a winch.”

The HLMR 65-3S is a knuckle boom crane that satisfies the requirements and meets the prevailing standards. The crane has a hoisting capacity of 6,300 kg at a reach of 10.67 m. K&C Diving will use the crane for a wide range of on-board activities, including buoy handling and hoisting structures and diving equipment. The delivery and installation are planned for this month, February, which will allow K&C Diving to deploy the workboat in April when the diving team will be working off the coast of West Africa.

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