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Check out our cranes available from stock!

Did you know that we can deliver cranes from stock on very short notice?

Heila can supply new cranes from stock or with short turnaround times, which offers numerous benefits to customers. One key benefit is the prompt availability of a crane, meaning less downtime and faster and more efficient project completion. Customers can plan their operations with greater precision with the knowledge that the essential hoisting equipment is at their disposal. Our service minimises the risk of project delays.

Our stock of cranes enables us to respond faster to market demands, reducing lead times and increasing customer satisfaction. This flexibility is crucial in the dynamic maritime industry, where time-sensitive activities are commonplace.

We have multiple cranes available from stock at our location in Italy, specifically our HLM 10-3S and HLM 20-3S models.

You can rest assured knowing that our cranes meet the highest quality standards and comply with the International Standards and all Marine Class Society guidelines. All cranes undergo rigorous inspection and functional testing before leaving our warehouse.

In short, we can deliver everything you need to keep your ship fully operational. Just let us know!

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