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HLRM 280-3SL: a high performer by Heila

Our team recently installed a large, robust crane on an anchor-handling tug vessel owned by one of our clients. The crane, an HLRM 280-3SL, is one of Heila’s highest performers, designed for the most demanding lifting operations. The crane can easily hoist 28.8 tonnes at a reach of 9.48 metres and 11.34 tonnes at 18.48 metres.

The new HLRM 280-3SL crane was prepared on the quay, hoisted onto the tug, and, before long, installed on the deck. All that remained was commissioning and testing. We always perform acceptance testing in the presence of a classification agency representative—in this case, Bureau Veritas. The representative had the operator perform various tests, all of which went like clockwork. Everyone was satisfied, and the client could get back to work.

On to the next job!