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Heila cranes: versatile tools on indispensable workboats

Workboats are indispensable for all kinds of work on the water. The dredging industry, among others, relies on these “workhorses”. Workboats are strong, manoeuvrable and compact. They are often equipped with two deck cranes for towing pipelines, moving anchors and buoys, and other lifting and pushing operations. As the propeller and rudder do not protrude below the keel, these workboats with minimal draught can be used anywhere.

Neptune Shipyards builds multi-purpose workboats called EuroCarriers. Neptune has long been a highly valued customer of Heila Cranes, and many of its robust workboats are fitted with Heila knuckle boom cranes. For example, the EuroCarrier 2712 is equipped with an HLRM 280-3SL on the fore deck and an HLRM 140-3S on the aft deck. The two foldable telescopic knuckle boom cranes have a high capacity at a short outreach, making them suitable for a wide range of support operations. Yet another plus is that these cranes require little deck space.

Neptune and Heila complement each other, which makes for a great collaboration.