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Certified cranes for Holland Shipyards’ dive support barges

“We deliver high-quality projects,“ are the opening words of Marco Hoogendoorn of Holland Shipyards. “These vary from the rental and sale of offshore accommodation to the building and refitting of ships. We are used to working and delivering under time pressure. It is only logical for us to want to work with companies that can work at the same speed and provide the same quality.”

Holland Shipyards was founded in 1981 by Cor Hoogendoorn, the father of Marco Hoogendoorn, as a one-man business specialised in the repair of inland ships. In 30 years, the company has grown to be an organisation with premises in Werkendam and Hardinxveld-Giessendam and a repair yard in Freetown, Sierra Leone. “One of the areas in which we specialise is the rental and sale of offshore accommodation. We also work for various dredging companies, perform retrofits and build new ships. These include heavy-lift ships, support vessels and the EDDY (Efficiency Double-ended DYnamic) tugs.

Cranes for two diving support barges
“Last year we were looking for marine cranes for two diving support barges. The barges carry out activities along the coast of Gabon. In the past, Heila Cranes in Waalwijk contacted us a number of times and during the conversations we had it became clear that Heila is a company that suits us. They have short lines of communication and respond quickly to our questions. And we were impressed by their drive. We decided to order the cranes from them. They are two HLRM 120-3SL knuckle boom cranes that satisfy the requirements and meet the prevailing standards.” The cranes have been delivered, installed and are fully operational. Holland Shipyards uses the cranes for a wide range of on-board activities including buoy handling and the hoisting of structures and diving equipment. Marco: “We are pleased about working with Heila. With the people at Heila and with the cranes. It fits in well with our aim to deliver high-quality projects. Heila is on our short list for any following cranes.”


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“a key factor in the successful collaboration between us is Heila’s service and communication”

Arno van Aalst

Managing Director

Knuckle Boom

“We opt for quality cranes and value a good partnership with our suppliers. Our cooperation with Heila proves this’.

Jos van Woerkum

Managing Director Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld-Giessendam

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“We are satisfied with the performance of the cranes and with Heila itself. Our companies have a good mutual understanding which makes working together not only pleasant but also efficient.”

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